Bathmate Hyrdomax X30

x30Bathmate X30 ($159)

The incredible Bathmate combines traditional vacuum powered penis pump technology with cutting edge hydotherapy – the power of water pressure – in order to create the most advanced and effective penis enlarging device in the world today. The Hydromax X30 is the latest version of the Bathmate and is certain to make your cock grow to massively stiff sizes – with thousands of customers reporting permanent gains after repeated use.

Autoblow 2 – A Blowjob Machine for Men

The Autoblow 2 is the world’s first true blowjob machine for men. An automated male sex toy that sucks you off at the touch of a button. Good for hundreds of uses, the Autoblow 2 will deliver the perfect blowjob time and time again. Easy to operate, easy to clean, delivered directly to your door within days – give your cock a treat and order the Autoblow 2 now!

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

tenga-flip-holeTenga Flip Hole ($99)

The Tenga Flip Hole is still one of the most popular sex toys for men ever made and quite unlike any other. The toy ‘flips’ open for ease of lube application and after use cleaning. The inner sleeve is amazingly ribbed and patterned, and a unique vacuum suction effect which can be altered by the pressing of buttons means you can have a deliciously varied masturbation session.

TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator

tenga-3d-spiralTenga 3D Spiral ($49)

One of the latest and most innovative toys from Tenga, this is one of the worlds first ‘3D’ sex toys. The toy is super tight with especially intense ribbing and a unique hexagonal twist design. The feeling you will get from sliding this up and down your cock is likely to be the most intense you have ever experienced from masturbation.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Luxury Male Vibrator

cobra-libre-2Cobra Libre 2 ($134)

The famous Cobra Libre sex toy for men has finally been given an update. The new version isn’t much different to its fabulous original version, but the vibration controls have been tweeked a little to make them even simpler to use, and more importantly, allow the Cobra Libre to be turned into a sex toy for couples as well as a solo male masturbator.